The Center for Rural Development (CRD) was established under the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) which was established in line with the Mzumbe University Charter of 2007 made under section 25 of Universities Act No. 7 of 2005. This Act repealed Mzumbe University Act No. 21 of 2001. The mandate of the Mzumbe University as stipulated in the Charter focuses on training, research, publications and public services cum consultancies. As a university organ the CRD is charged with training, conducting research, consultancy and outreach activities on crosscutting development issues related to rural areas. Development of rural areas is a major concern of social and economic development in Tanzania where the majority of the people live.

Center for Rural Development is recognized as a leading institution in Africa for demand driven knowledge generation, application, preservation and dissemination for socio-economic development of rural areas by 2025.
The Mission of the Center for Rural Development is to provide opportunities for acquisition, development, preservation and dissemination of knowledge and skills through training, research, technical and/or professional services related to rural development.

The objectives of the CRD are to generate, and disseminate knowledge concerning rural development; to expose students to development theories and practice on areas of rural development; to establish linkages with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) which deals with rural livelihoods; to train members of the public on rural development issues and to prepare a forum for discussion of research reports and draft papers for publication in journals.

The Center has the role of building the capacity of rural communities and institutions to bring about development. This is through providing relevant knowledge on causes of poverty and providing suggestion of which strategies can be used to promote development of the rural community. The Center provides training to tertiary students from certificate to postgraduate levels. It is also involved in all activities performed by IDS, including teaching, research, consultancy and publication. It conducts research in promotion of rural and related sectors. It disseminates knowledge on rural development through publication, research feedback fora and policy briefs. It also carries out curriculum development and review. As the part of IDS the Center for Rural Development participates fully in facilitation of workshops with focus in development issues.

Currently the CRD does not own any study programme but it offers two courses for undergraduate students. It offers DST 010: Introduction to Rural Development and DST 210: Community Participation in Development for the Certificate in Local Government Management and Bachelor’;s in Local Government Management respectively.


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