The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) was established in line with Mzumbe University by the Mzumbe University Charter of 2007 made under Section 25 of Universities Act No.7 of 2005 which repealed Mzumbe University Act No. 21 of 2001. As a university organ, IDS is responsible for teaching, conducting research and development interventions, offering advisory services and undertaking publications on various development issues.

The history of the Institute can be traced back to 1972 when the Political Education Subject Panel was set up under the defunct Institute of Development Management (IDM), Mzumbe. The subject matter of this Panel was multi-disciplinary in nature drawing teaching staff from various departments. In 1976, the Panel was changed to Political Education Department to emphasize teaching of the policy of Socialism and Self Reliance which was the national guiding philosophy by then. In 1988, it changed to Development Studies Subject Panel to give it an international character. With the transformation of IDM-Mzumbe to Mzumbe University in 2002, the Development Studies Subject Panel was elevated to become the Institute of Development Studies.

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute of Development Studies is to promote knowledge on development issues in Tanzania and Africa through sound research, teaching, consultancy, outreach activities and publication by advocating creativity, innovativeness, professionalism and team spirit.

Our Vision

It is espoused that the Institute of Development Studies is to be a centre of academic excellence in generating knowledge for a sustainable development process in Tanzania and Africa through research, teaching, advisory services and outreach activities.

Our Objectives

The overall objective of the Institute of Development Studies is to provide conducive environment for generating, propagating and preserving knowledge about development issues in Tanzania, Africa and other developing countries.
More specifically, the objectives of IDS include:
To ensure dissemination of knowledge about socio-economic development to the community through research, interventions, publication and advisory services in Tanzania and beyond
To introduce students to development perspectives and factors influencing the development process in developing countries by enabling them to learn concepts and theories of socio–economic development in developing countries
To introduce students to key issues relating to international development;
To equip students with analytical skills of incorporating crosscutting issues such as gender, HIV/AIDS and environment in development;
To introduce students to the impact and role of governance in socio–economic development; and
To enable students disseminate and apply the acquired knowledge in combating poverty in all its manifestations.


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